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The Hope4Cancer Difference - Natural Cancer Treatments

Welcome to Hope4Cancer Institute, a 24 x 7, full service in-patient treatment center for cancer patients located in Baja California, Mexico.  Hope4Cancer has treatment options for patients with all types of cancers, from early to advanced stages of the disease.  

We combine the latest non-toxic, evidence-based medicine that selectively targets cancer cells, with a sophisticated WHOLE BODY CANCER TREATMENT PROGRAM. As a result, we can comprehensively treat not just the cancer itself, but also the often ignored, underlying conditions that stimulate the growth, and later, the resurgence of cancer.

Hope4Cancer Institute features more treatment options under one roof than any other cancer clinic. Our convenient location in Mexico gives us the option to leverage highly effective treatments that are not available in many countries like the U.S.A. or Canada.  As a result, we can avoid toxic treatments such as chemo- and radiotherapy that leave a trail of destruction in the body. Our philosophy is to treat the cancer effectively from all angles, while at the same time doing no harm to a body that is already dealing with the stress of the disease.

We are committed to providing the best patient experience through our exceptional clinic care and long term support.  Here are some of the features that make us stand out: 

  UNIQUE, INNOVATIVE TREATMENTS.  The treatment of cancer is an ever-growing field. Our scientific development team is always at the edge of innovation, researching new natural, non-toxic treatment modalities to bring you the very best possible care without having to resort to chemo, radiation or surgery.  Some of our well-established, unique treatment modalities include:
  • Rigvir Virotherapy.  At the leading edge of cancer therapy and immunotherapy, Rigvir uses a non-pathogenic, genetically unmodified virus to seek out and destroy cancer cells with a radar-like focus, leaving healthy cells untouched.  It also awakens the immune system to the presence of the cancer.
  • Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy.  Uses of sound and light waves coupled with a sensitizer to destroy cancer cells)
  • Biological Vaccine AARSOTA.  A treatment that uses cancer antigens developed within your own body, extracted to fight against cancer.
  • AloeMed Therapy.  A proprietary, concentrated Aloe-based formula that combines the anti-cancer and immunomodulatory properties of Aloe. 
  • Indiba Hyperthermia.  We have one of the few Indiba local hyperthermia devices in the world.  The Indiba device delivers focused heat to tumors assisting in immediate benefits for most patients. 
  EFFECTIVE & TIME TESTED NATURAL THERAPIES.  In addition to our proprietary therapies, our whole body oncology program includes time tested non-toxic, natural cancer treatments that include Whole Body Hyperthermia, PolyMVA, Ozone Therapy, Coffee Enema, Infra Red Therapies, Vitamin C, IV Therapies and more. 

  AFFORDABLE PACKAGES.  We know you want the best possible treatments.  We also understand that cancer strikes without any consideration for age, sex or financial situations.  Our treatments in general cost only a fraction of the total cost of conventional treatments.  We have a number of different packages that are individually designed for patients with different budgetary considerations.  Ask your patient coordinator for details.

   EXTENSIVE HOME SUPPORT PROGRAMS.  Our Home Program Support System ensures that our medical team stays in touch well after you have returned from the clinic.  Depending on your treatment package, we provide you up to one year of monitoring and advice as you continue your treatment.   

   FREE REVISITS TO CLINIC INCLUDED IN MOST PACKAGES.  In our commitment to participating in your long term care, most of our treatment packages include at least one free re-visit to the clinic for 2 days and 1 night for extensive follow through check-ups.  

  EXPERIENCED AND DIVERSE MEDICAL TEAM.  Led by world-renowned oncology researcher and cancer physician, Dr. Antonio Jimenez, our core Medical Team boasts of experts in the field of both alternative, integrative and conventional medicine who live by the highest standards of international professionalism.  They are supported by a compassionate nursing and support staff, ensuring that you are not only well cared for, but at all times feel appreciated and respected as you deserve. 

  INDUSTRY-LEADING DOCTOR-TO-PATIENT RATIO.  Hope4Cancer Institute ensures that we maintain a very high doctor-to-patient ratio to ensure the highest level of individualized care.  Our doctors spend literally hours with our patients during their consultations treating, educating and, sometimes, just listening.  We live by the concept of treating not just the body - but also the mind and spirit.

  NON-INVASIVE ADVANCED DIAGNOSTICS.  We continue to research and invest in some of the most advanced health technology tools that allow us to observe changes in your body at the cellular, tissue, organ and system levels.  These tools are used extensively to aid in decision making towards your optimal treatment regimen.   A few examples include completely non-invasive devices such as:

  • Alfa Thermodiagnostics Device that uses the FDA approved adjunctive diagnostic method of infrared regulation thermography (IR2T).  The data from these devices have been used as non-invasive replacements for ineffective and radiation-intensive mammograms;
  • VitalScan HRV measures the heart rate variability and correlates that to the function of the autonomic nervous system. Restoring healthy heart rate variability is a measure of success in restoring overall health;
  • Cyberscan is an advanced device that measures the energy field of a patient and provides tools to correct the disturbances in the field that otherwise lead to a malfunctioning immune system.
  • E.S. Teck Device that uses advanced algorithms to process spectrophotometric, oscillometric and bioimpedance data;
  • Ondamed Device that uses a combination of biofeedback and local tissue stimulation with focused fields;
  • Zyto Device that helps you identify your body's specific demands for nutrition, supplementation and more;   
  • PEMF-120 Device that uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to modulate the body's response to electromagnetic fields, resulting in favorable biological responses;
  • Doppler Color Ultrasound is available in house to monitor tumor size and blood flow within tumors.

While maintaining its quiet and private atmosphere, Hope4Cancer Institute recently almost doubled its size and capacity. The newly renovated facility has brand new patient rooms, three additional ocean front rooms, a gym, multiple well equipped common areas, upgraded kitchen serving organic cuisine, juice bar and a lot more. Our Institute is located along the sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean in Baja California, Mexico, approximately 10 miles from the San Diego border, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Our beach community neighborhood is safe and trouble-free - it is almost like Southern California with a Mexican twist.  During your stay you will be able to enjoy walks and watch the beautiful west coast sunsets along our extensive boardwalk on the beach right across from the clinic.  You will enjoy freshly cooked, vegetarian cuisine consistent with our cancer diet plan.  Click here for more information.  

Dr. Jimenez is an official health minister for Hallelujah Acres. 
Hope4Cancer Institute is a tobacco free environment.
Use of tobacco related products are strictly prohibited on the premises.


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