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After a tragic misdiagnosis of an early lump in 2011, Corinne found herself with advanced Stage 4 cancer metastasized to the bone.  Through a conversation with a patient advocate whose daughter went through a tryst with cancer, Corinne found Hope4Cancer and arrived for treatments in February 2013.  BX Protocol became her primary treatment.  Within 2 months, her breast tumor size had reduced, and her tumor marker CA 15-3 dropped from 194 (high) to 55 and then 39 (just above normal for a cancer-free person).

In two more weeks (not described in the video), the cancer marker dropped to 29 (within the normal range) and has stayed there, now 5 months into her treatment (see chart below). Watch her fascinating video testimonial above.

(Disclaimer:  Hope4Cancer Patients who are given the BX Antitoxin are treated in Mexico at our Mexico government approved facility.  For more information about Hope4Cancer's operational permits and our website-wide FTC and FDA disclaimers, please click here).


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